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Here's one of the most recent episodes:
Raoul Bhanja Podcast

Raoul Bhaneja is producing and starring in the upcoming production of “Disgraced.”

The Pulitzer Prize winning play returns to the Panasonic Theatre in Toronto on November 11 after a critically acclaimed run in 2016.

The play deals with faith, politics and the notion of “tolerance.”

The powerful subject matter draws in audiences that, as Bhaneja mentions in the podcast, stay in their seats after the show for heated exchanges in the post-performance “talk backs.”

We also discuss how actors of colour face struggles in landing leading roles, despite the movement towards “colourblind casting.”

Those struggles were, in part, the impetus behind Bhaneja’s drive to produce and appear in a solo version of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” that played in New York and London to critical acclaim.

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