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Jillian Keiley: Director

Episode 40 - June 15, 2015


PortraitDirector Jillian Keiley is originally from Newfoundland, currently she is the Artistic Director at The National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

We met at The Stratford Festival where Jillian directed Wendy Kesselman’s adaptation of “The Diary of Anne Frank.”

We talk about how tough it is to direct a powerful script, that has touched so many people’s lives. We also discuss how Jillian approached the playwright with her own alterations to the script.

In the past few years Jillian has auditioned over 800 actors, so she shares her audition process…and a few awkward audition moments.

Show Notes:
The Diary of Anne Frank at The Stratford Festival
Reviews of the Diary of Anne Frank at The Stratford Festival
The National Arts Centre
Catalyst Theatre
Mark Critch on Twitter

Martha Chaves: Comedian, Activist & Playwright

Episode 39 June 05, 2015


Martha Chaves, Comedy, Alameda Theatre Company, Aluna TheatreComedian Martha Chaves has been headlining comedy clubs for almost 20 years.

She is also a keynote speaker using her poignant sense of humor to raise awareness about serious issues, including sexuality and oppression.

More recently Martha has been writing plays.

She discusses all of this and more.

Show Notes
Martha Chaves’ Website
Aluna Theatre
Alameda Theatre Company
Nobel Women’s Initiative

Michael Bate: Satirist and publisher of Frank magazine

Episode 38, May 25

The Ottawa edition of Frank, a satirical magazine launched in 1989, has been called a “gossip rag” or “scandal magazine.” Regardless it remains very popular with a loyal audience.

In this episode, satirist and Frank magazine publisher, Michael Bate and I discuss Mike Duffy’s long, and legal history with Frank Magazine.

Duffy went from suing Bate to later acting as an informant.

We discuss the media coverage of the Mike Duffy trial and the role of satire plays in society.

We also talk about National Lampoon editor Tony Hendra’s motto “nothing is sacred.

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Show Notes
Frank Magazine Ottawa Edition
Jennifer Ditchburn on Twitter
Christie Blatchford at The National Post
Glen McGregor, at The Ottawa Citizen