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Later this week I’ll be interviewing Stephanie Rothenberg, who plays Maria in the Stratford Festival’s “The Sound of Music.”

Stratford Festival, Stephanie Rothenberg, sound of music

Please leave a comment below with your question and I’ll be sure to ask it.

On Broadway, Stephanie was as an ensemble member in the Tony-nominated revival of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” with Daniel Radcliffe and moved up to the leading role of Rosemary.
Stephanie Rothenberg, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, ensemblist, Daniel Radcliffe

Originally from Nashville Tennessee, Stephanie studied at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts and CAP21.

We record the interview this week, so come back Wednesday to listen.

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As as many questions as you like in the comment section below.

  • S. Elaine Hatch

    Loved your performance. I grew up with a family tradition of watching the Sound of Music every Christmas.
    Was it a tradition in your home?

  • Olivia

    What is the most fulfilling aspect of performing The Sound of Music for you? It is a remarkable accomplishment to give that much of yourself each night, and I would love to know what brings you the most fulfillment both in embodying Maria in this truly beautiful production, and in your journey this season?

    • Keith Tomasek

      Olivia, totally agreed, Stephanie truly gives so much of yourself each night. I look forward to her reply.

  • Chris

    What was the hardest part of moving to Canada (other than leaving friends/family), and what was the easiest? What does it feel like when you come out for your curtain call to a standing ovation?

    • Keith Tomasek

      Chris, I like the question about moving to Canada, asking the hardest & easiest should provide some insights.

    • Keith Tomasek

      Chris, Stephanie’s podcast is up and she answered your question:

  • Larry

    You probably have several dream roles of characters that you’d like to play soon, but thinking ahead in what will no doubt be a long career, what dream role would you like to play in 20 years? Thanks for your wonderful turn as Maria this season! You get me teary-eyed every time!

    • Keith Tomasek

      Thanks Larry, that’s a natural and I completely agree, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Stephanie at the beginning of a long career.

    • Keith Tomasek

      Larry, Stephanie’s podcast is up and she answered your question:

  • Elle

    There is a really special sense of nuance among the character relationships in The Sound of Music that translates so beautifully to the audience to make us feel something- especially in such an intricate show! Maria has so many relationships with so many different characters. Is this something that comes with time and with play throughout the run, or is it something discussed and worked on during the rehearsal period? The nuanced moments certainly read volumes on stage- it’s truly breathtaking. Brava!

    • Keith Tomasek

      Excellent observation, I saw the opening night performance and those nuanced relationships were present even then.

    • Keith Tomasek

      Stephanie’s podcast is up and she answered your question: