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Raoul Bhaneja, actor, musician, producer

Episode 76, Oct. 17, 2107

Raoul Bhanja Podcast

Raoul Bhaneja is producing and starring in the upcoming production of “Disgraced.”

The Pulitzer Prize winning play returns to the Panasonic Theatre in Toronto on November 11 after a critically acclaimed run in 2016.

The play deals with faith, politics and the notion of “tolerance.”

The powerful subject matter draws in audiences that, as Bhaneja mentions in the podcast, stay in their seats after the show for heated exchanges in the post-performance “talk backs.”

We also discuss how actors of colour face struggles in landing leading roles, despite the movement towards “colourblind casting.”

Those struggles were, in part, the impetus behind Bhaneja’s drive to produce and appear in a solo version of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” that played in New York and London to critical acclaim.
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Brian D. Johnson, Filmmaker, critic

Episode 75: Oct 04, 2017

Brian D. Johnson Safer Route (2) (1) (1)

Brian D. Johnson’s work as a journalist explores art with the insight of not only a passionate observer but also an accomplished artist with a fascination for the human condition.

For almost 30 years Johnson was the staff film critic and Arts writer for Macleans, Canada’s top current affairs magazine. He’s retired from Macleans but continues to submit stories while pursuing his own artistic endeavours.

Brian’s directorial debut, the documentary “Al Purdy Was Here,” is a beautiful piece of work on many levels, I think you’ll really enjoy our chat about the creative process behind it.

We discuss everything from Brian’s easy working relationship with Leonard Cohen to the inspiring story behind the creation of a film celebrating one of Canada’s most prolific poets: Al Purdy.

Incidentally, we recorded last year prior to Leonard Cohen’s passing.

Our conversation begins with the fact that more films than ever are being made in Canada but there are less “Canadian” films.

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Jeff Goins: Best-selling author

Episode 74: Sept.24, 2017

Jeff Goins Best Work (3) (1)

Best-selling author Jeff Goins’s most recent book is “Real Artists Don’t Starve.”

In this podcast you’ll learn how Goins dismantled the myths about what it takes to succeed by examining research about artists including Michelangelo, Gertrude Stein, Picasso, and Twyla Tharp.

If you’re a writer, actor, musician, director, comedian, visual artist or any kind of creator you’ll enjoy the findings from Goin’s research, like why working alone can be a barrier to success or how thriving artists aren’t reluctant to borrow from their influencers and how to effectively manage your time by saying “no” to short term projects so that you can achieve your long term goals.

It’s a great podcast that will help you figure out what might be holding back your career, or provide some actionable tactics to help artists around you.

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