Jim Mezon: Actor, Director

Episode 19- June 9, 2014


Jim mezon, interview, podcast, shaw festival
Jim Mezon is in his 30th season at the Shaw Festival, one of North America’s most celebrated theatre festivals.

We discuss his journey from a job as a theatre janitor in Winnipeg to becoming a star at the Shaw Festival, where he’s currently celebrating his 30th season.

Artists, generally speaking, don’t follow the timelines of societal norms around big life decisions like getting married, buying a home & starting a family. In this episode I talk with Jim about how I waited until my 40′s to get married and start a family. Jim mentions he started a family later in life too and speaks candidly about the impact of having a child in his 50′s.

We also talk about the next generation of actors & how they are different than previous generations.

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